// ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics


The Karlsruhe ZKM | Center for Art and Media brings together exhibitions, productions, media studies research, events, documentation, and communication all under one roof. The center was founded in 1989 and took up its new quarters in the impressive building of a former ammunition factory in 1997. It is regarded as one of the leading centers for the artistic and content-related combination of art and digital technology.

The ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics combines artistic endeavor with research and development and considers itself a forum for international exchange. The institute is active in diverse fields. It organizes and initiates contemporary concerts, symposia, and festivals that provide a platform for musicians and music enthusiasts. Its projects range from digital sound synthesis, algorithmic composition and live-electronics, radio plays, interactive sound installations, and audio-visual projects encompassing a broad spectrum of creations of musical imagination that digital technologies are capable of inspiring. The ZKM | Sound Dome (Klangdom) of the Institute for Music and Acoustic consists of nearly fifty loudspeakers suspended in three-dimensional space from an ellipsoidal rigging system. This construction allows complex spatial-sound movements to be realistically represented.

The activities of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics within the “” project involve the development of a databank system capable of providing for the specific and complex requirements of electro-acoustic music while placing equal emphasis on incorporating facilities for long-term archived storage. This makes it possible for the works to be reproduced and performed at any time.


Project Director: Prof. Ludger Brümmer

General Manager: Dr. Achim Heidenreich

Research Assistant: Julia Haecker